Charcuterie $13

Chef selection of meat & cheese.

Queso de Cabra $7

Soft french goat cheese rolled over

walnut & cooked in a Saffron tomato sauce.

Albondigas $7

Tender Lamb and Pork Meatballs

cooked in a Saffron tomato sauce. Topped with cheese.

Caprese Salad $5

2 Mozzarella, 2 Tomatoes, Basil, olive oil & balsamic reduction.

Pinchos de Cerdo $5

One pork tenderloin & potatoes grilled in a rosemary skewer.

Croquetas de Manchego $5

Three crispy manchego chesse croquettes, served over lemon aioli.

Short Rib Empanadas $5

2 mini empanadas stuff with short rib beef. Served over caper and onion reduction.

Papas Bravas $5

Spicy fried red potatoes topped with roasted pepper, ioli and a fried egg.

Alitas de Pollo $5

Four chicken wings. Your choice of mango habanero, sriracha glazed or barbacue sauce.

Pepper-Jack Sliders $5

Two beef sliders, pickles, caramelized onions, pepper jack cheese.

Calamari $7

Fried calamari served with Saffron tomato sauce.

Hummus $6

Homemade hummus served with pita bread, carrots, celery & cucumber.

Chef selection of meat & cheese

Drinks $ 5

Selected Red & White Wines

Sangria ( Guava, Peach, Red)

Local Draft Beers